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How To Drink Coffee By the Square Cup

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Drinking coffee from a square cup can be a unique and enjoyable experience. Here's a simple guide on how to drink coffee from a square cup:

Prepare your coffee: Brew your coffee using your preferred method, whether it's a drip coffee maker, French press, or espresso machine. Ensure your coffee is brewed to your desired strength and flavor.

Pour the coffee: Carefully pour the brewed coffee into the square cup, leaving some space at the top to avoid spills when handling the cup.

Hold the cup: Pick up the square cup by placing your fingers around the corners or edges of the cup. Make sure to hold it securely to prevent any accidents or spills.

Sip and enjoy: Bring the cup to your lips and take small sips to savor the flavors of the coffee. Take your time to enjoy the aroma, taste, and warmth of the beverage. Square cups may have unique angles that affect the flow of coffee into your mouth, so adjust your sipping technique accordingly. (tips: put your mouth on the angle but not the edge of the square cup.)

Handle with care: As you drink your coffee, be mindful of the square cup's shape and edges. Take care not to tilt the cup too much and be aware of any hot spots on the cup's surface that could cause discomfort or burns.

square coffeee cup

Set the cup down: When you're finished enjoying your coffee, place the square cup back onto a stable surface, such as a table or coaster. Be cautious of the cup's square shape, as it may be less stable than traditional round cups.

Remember to use caution when drinking from a square cup, as the shape may require some adjustment in your grip and sipping technique. Enjoy the unique experience of drinking coffee from a square cup and appreciate the aesthetic appeal it adds to your coffee ritual.

white porcelain coffee cup

Our Rollin Porcelain produce many beautiful square coffee cups with high fired porcelain material, and make under glazed so that its safe and eco-friendly, non toxic and lead-free. Feel free to contact our teams for more details.



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