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How to Get a Price Quote of Dinnerware- For Restaurants

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Thanks for you to choosing our ROLLIN porcelain factory.

Would you like to know what's the price of the dinnerware items?

Such as the 8 inch plate, 10 inch plate, and how much the shipping cost?

First, if you are a restaurant owner and clear what size you want, please tell our sells team:

For example, I run a restaurant, I want 8" plate-100pcs, 10" plate=100pcs, 8inch bowls=100pcs,fork=100pcs, knife=100pcs. Wine glass=100pcs. How much total cost including shipping cost to US 97562? How long the production? Then our sells team can check the production time soon and make a quotation list with shipping cost for you to check.

If you have budges or target price, feel free to let our sells team know. We will suggest other similar items for you.

Or, if you don't know what you are going to order, you can ask our sells team for catalogue. But before that, you can share more information with our sell team. EX, how many desks of your restaurant? And the food styles. Then we will send the different and suitable dishes and plates catalogs for you to choose the best tableware items you prefer.

In addition, if you want to print your logo, send the logo pictures and print location at the beginning. We will check with design and production manager how much cost and how long the production. You can read more news about how we print the logo on the porcelain plates.

Also, we provide flatware, glassware and wood ware. You can pick them together in one order so that you can save the shipping cost.

We kindly suggest that you can order more items from our factory. The most important reason is that the shipping cost is too high. Actually our dinnerware plates is not expensive and with great quality.

Finally, please be patient with the production time if out of stock. Most of our products are half-handmade by our workers. Our payment term is friendly, 30% T/T before production and 70% pay before shipment.

As a 35 years factory, we manufacture great and durable porcelain dishes and plates so that our customers and their buyers can get win-win cooperation. We had provided tableware plates for more then 5,000 restaurants and hotels all over the world. ROLLIN porcelain looking forward to doing a long term business with you.



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